Spotify: The Best Music Application

In this article I am going to tell you about a music application which is the best music application in the world and has billions of users and millions of active users.
Yes, I am talking about the Spotify Music application which is the most amazing music application ever.
The number of users using this application is increasing day by day and there are some obvious reasons for this which I will tell you further in this article while explaining its features because it has such a great variety of features. Ads are added which attract people and people are becoming its regular users.

User Base

If we are talking about the user base of this spotify music then its user base is very vast. The number of continuous users of this application is 551 million. And a total of 220 million people are its premium subscribers who pay monthly or annually to get their premium services, which is a huge number for any premium subscription. am84 region Spotify is officially working. And doing 45 official work in 184 regions all over the world.

Where we can install Spotify?

Spotify can be used on any platform, be it your mobile phone device, desktop, smart phone or any kind of smart speaker, you can use sptoify within it and You can listen to a variety of playlists and your favorite songs from it.
In short we can use this application in any device like computer laptop desktop tape mobile phone.
What is difference between Free and premium?
This thing is clear that if any application gives its premium and free version, it has a lot of difference which makes it different and gives some special features to the premium one. I have given some extra features which are not available in free and we can benefit a lot by using these premium features.


The most important and the first feature of premium Spotify is that you don’t get add-ons in this premium account and you can stream completely tension-free and listen to your personal music without any interruption.

Offline Download

We know that it often happens that we are not able to connect our mobile phone to the internet whether it is signal problem or any other issue so if we want to listen to a song then we have offline song. If it is very important then this application provides a feature in premium that you can download the songs offline and listen to them whenever you want.
This is a very cool feature but this feature is not available in free Spotify, you need to get a premium subscription for it.
And there are many such features which you get in premium account but you don’t get in free but you can’t say that free support is useless because spotifyfree or premium has many features in it. There are many more music lists that you can listen to here.

Number of Songs on Spotify

spotify is said to be one of the largest music applications in the world, so it is also very important to talk about how many songs it contains, so we tell you that this application has a total of 80 million songs. There are millions of songs that you can listen to from your mobile phone or any device you use to use spotify.
Spotify Playlist
Within this application you can create a special kind of playlist for yourself in which you add your percentile songs and then you can listen to those songs whenever you want and you can make this playlist private for you if you want. And if you want you can make it public and people can listen to songs from your playlist and if people like your playlist they can follow your account. Do it too

How to Download Spotify music application?

To download this application, you simply have to go to the App Store or the Play Store and search for the Spotify Music application and this application will automatically appear in front of you and you simply have to install it. Inside your device

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