What is Insurance and Types of Insurance

In this article, you will read what is insurance and what are its types and how it works. which insurance is better for you. So read this article very carefully.

What is Insurance?

Insurance is basically an agreement between an insured and a company that offers insurance. This agreement stipulates that if any loss occurs to an insured. Then according to the insurance policy, any loss will be paid by the insurance company.

Why should i get insurance?

Many people have this question that why should we get insurance. So the answer to their question is that we don’t know when we will get hurt like if we are driving a car, how do we know when we will have an accident. And this accident can lead to two or three types of losses, such as

  1. the first loss is that your car may be damaged and you will need a lot of money to repair it.
  2. And the other loss in this accident may be that you or someone close to you may be killed.
  3. And thirdly, you may develop a health issue that can be very difficult to treat.

Likewise, there can be many other losses that we cannot prevent at all. So the solution is to get an insurance that covers the insurance company if there is any such loss.

Types of Insurance

Now what kind of damage can this be or what kind of cases can this insurance be provided. The complete details will be given in this article.

Because there are many different types of losses like if there is an accident of the vehicle or if there is any loss of life. Then an insurance policy is made separately for each loss. Each policy has different requirements and can cover all types of insurance. For this it is very important to fulfill their requirements.

There are many types of insurance but I am going to tell you about some of its special types.

Life Insurance

There are many different types of insurance, but the most important.  The most common type of insurance is life insurance.   Because the most valuable thing in the world is human life. All things created in this world can be bought again if you destroy them. But there is one thing that we cannot take back is human life. This is the reason why human life insurance is very important.

By taking this insurance we cannot save our life or anyone else but there are benefits from it.

For example, if a person is killed, then there are some responsibilities on him, such as children and their education and many such expenses. So the money you get from life insurance can be used within these things.

Car Insurance

As we have discussed above in an example, if the car has an accident, the car can be damaged. And we know that car repair and maintenance costs a lot. Sometimes this cost increases so much that usually a person with a normal salary cannot afford this.

In this case it is important that we get car insurance so that if there is any damage to our car. Then the company with whom we have car insurance pays the compensation.

Health Insurance

What is the purpose of insurance that if someone gets a health problem, gets some kind of disease or any such issue then it costs a lot. So in this case people usually don’t afford enough to pay the hospital bills etc.

To solve this problem, insurance companies come up with a solution that they provide the facility of health insurance to their customers. That if any kind of health issue happens to their customer then they will pay their bills etc.

Similarly there are many types of  insurance that we can discuss. But I tell you the names of their types so that you people can understand them.

  1. Life insurance
  2. Car insurance
  3. Bike insurance
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Disability insurance
  6. Business insurance
  7. Pet insurance
  8. Health insurance
  9. Renter insurance
  10. Etc.

How can you get Insurance?

You have to link up with a company to get insurance. But there are some applications that can be easily done from the comfort of your own home.

For example, there is an application called State farm that allows you to get insurance and maintain it very easily. A very detailed article has been written on this application, click on the link to read it.

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